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My name is Rose, and I am an 22 year old woman, living in California. I am a Christian, and I greatly enjoy listening to Christian music, especially The Benjamin Gate. I love to sing, write poetry, write short stories, hang out with my friends, go shopping, go to church and youth group, draw, chat, go to concerts, and just have fun! I became a Christian when I was about five, because my parents took me to church and Sunday School. However, it didn't really start to make a difference in my life until my 6th grade year, when I started going to the church which I currently attend, First Baptist Church. God has made such a difference in my life, and there's no one I'd rather live for than him!

Here are some pictures, followed by descriptions. :)
This is me, taken in Dec. 2005.

This is my senior picture that I had taken for the yearbook my senior year of high school. I loved this dress - it's an old 50's prom dress I rented from a costume shop! :)
my snail tattoo
Here is Speedy, my snail tattoo, that I got in August 2002, on my ankle. I just took this picture, and it is Speedy's best shot yet. :p
me sitting on the couch playing with some cool wire thingie
This is a side view of me sitting on the couch playing with some cool wire thingie. This was taken back in April of 2002.
me with black hair
This picture was taken last year. I dyed my hair dark brown, but it turned out more like black. It did fade eventually, but I looked almost gothic for awhile, with my pale skin and all. :p
me on my 3rd birthday
Here I am on my 3rd birthday... aww, how cute. Wonder what happened to that cute face. :p
me at three years old
And here I am again at three years old - I thought this was a funny pic of me, tilting my head and smiling funny. :)
me on my fifth birthday with my bike
And here I am on my 5th birthday. I got a bike, but for some reason I don't seem that excited about it. I swear to you, I was, though! :p
me bungee jumping
Well, I actually got up the guts to go bungee jumping my sophomore year of high school. This was only a 60 foot jump, but it sure felt like a lot! I loved it, though. :)
me bungee jumping again!
And not only did I have the guts to do it once, but I did it twice! This was my junior year, at the same place, obviously, and I screamed even louder this time than the first time! It is sooo much fun!
Elijah, the parakeet
This is Elijah, my newest parakeet. He's a very good boy so far... he doesn't bite at all and is very sweet. :)
Benjamin, the dwarf hamsta
This is Benjamin, my dwarf hamster. Can you guess why I named him that?? hehe. He's actually quite a bitey little guy... watch out for those hamsta fangs on him. Belina, the yellow parakeet
And, last but not least, this is Belina, my oldest pet. She is very bitey as well... watch out for both her and Benji... they might conspire together to bite you! hehe. :p



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